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Top 10 Family Vacation Destinations (Continued)
March 26, 2009, 5:20 pm
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By Jessica Burneston

Here is part II of our list of top 10 family vacations.  Click here to view Part I.  Our consultants have searched the world for the best getaways for families.  We are here to provide full service family vacation planning to make sure all family members from the littlest ones to grown ups – have a wonderful time.  Our list includes:

5) Galapagos Islands – Butterfield and Robinson
Why: Biology has never been so much fun!  Galapagos offers wild things that kids won’t see anywhere else.  They will get close enough to touch sea lions, snorkel with turles, and visit the Charles Darwin Research Station.
Ages: 8 and older

4) Florida  – Club Med
Club med offers something for every age group at the Sandpipper resort in Florida.  Teens learn how to be DJs and can fly on trapez (within a safe environment).  Even toddlers can find something fun to do with interactive learning experiences. 
Ages: From Baby Club Med starting at 4 mos, to Junior Club Med up to age 18.

3) Italy – Tauck Bridges
Explore the Vatican, meet gladiators, and learn to make pizza at a real Italian restaurant.  Tauck bridges offers guided tours of Italy from Rome to Venice.  Families will enjoy gondola rides and explore historic cites together.
Ages: 3 or older, but recommended for kids 8 and older

2) Hawaii – Classic Vacations
Every Island tells a story.  Maui is full of local folk lore, while Oahu offers museums, Pearl Harbor, and national Surfing tournaments on the big waves.  Families can explore volcanoes and star gaze with an expert astronomer.
Ages: 5 and older

1) Volunteer Vacations
Why: Building something meaningful together creates memories to last a lifetime.  Projects range from building houses and wells, to training baby elephants.  Destinations are all over the world, and due to the growing popularity of these “giving” getaways, luxury does not have to be eliminated.
Ages: Varies by project, but recommended for ages 10 and older


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Any other US only destinations????

Comment by johnoman

Thank you for the feedback. I think it is a good idea to create a list of our list of top destinations in the United States. We will post this next week. Our travel consultants submit their recommendations based on client feedback and thier own personal experiences.

Comment by lindentravel

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