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Children Only Please!

By: Erina Pindar

The question of the day from is an interesting one, and let’s be honest, it is one that most of us have thought about at least once:

Should airlines have a section of the plane reserved for parents with babies and smaller children?

Well, 85% of the flying public seems to think so.  Parents with children think that they would be in a more supportive environment if they were seated with other families with small children and babies and some of us are tired of having those tiny (but powerful!) feet pummeling the back of our seats.

I did my research for this entry by asking everybody within the radius of my seats (we get a lot of visitors here in the Marketing department, lots of opinions). Here are their thoughts on this: 100% said that, Yes, airlines should have a special section reserved for children.  Jessica B. who sits next to me, in fact offered up this brilliant suggestion:  Wouldn’t it be cool if the kids get colorful children’s seats with cartoon graphics and special children’s amenities??  

Despite the popular vote, David Castelveter, the spokesman for Air Transport Association, seems to thinkotherwise, saying that a children-only section would be “logistically difficult” to implement.  What happened when someone who requested and paid for an adult-only section was forced to sit near the children’s section due to overbooking? 

Well, Mr. Castelveter, perhaps the first thing on the agenda should be how to prevent overbooking, no?


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