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Adventure in Beijing
August 7, 2008, 8:52 pm
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These days, my friends travel more than I do – which is extremely ironic, considering travel is what I do for a living.  One of my best friends, Kseniya, just recently got back from a two-week trip from China and she spent a good deal of her time in Beijing.  During her trip, I was regaled with stories of the bustling cities and ancient history through hundreds and hundreds of pictures – DaDong Duck Restaurant, Fried Apples, Pandas, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, you name it – she got it.   The montage of these  pictures helps me visualize Beijing in a different way other than the “Beijing 2008, One World One Dream.”

According to K, some of the highlights of the Beijing trip are life’s simple pleasure, like the $15 90-minute foot massage, complete with complimentary refreshment and snacks – I’ll definitely keep that in mind the next time I hand over 30 bucks for my mani/pedi in NYC.   Her favorite dining experience was the DaDong Duck Restaurant in Beijing, “Five-star dining, for two-star prices.  It was amazing!”  And, the best way to see the city?  Take a cab.  The cabbies, apparently are the worst drivers she’s ever encountered, but you’ll be fine as long as you’re armed with your destination written in Chinese – keep in mind that most of them do not speak English.


Photography by: K.Yakovleva

Simple pleasures aside, Beijing is truly a fascinating city – some of my favorite set of pictures came from the Temple of Heaven series.   Temple of Heaven was used as a prayer site by royal visitors from the Ming and Qing dynasties for ceremonies to heaven for bountiful harvest.  One word, stunning!

Kseniya Yakovleva

Temple of Heaven, Photography by: K.Yakovleva


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