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The New Hypersonic Aircraft
February 12, 2008, 4:31 pm
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aircraft-copy.jpgImagine having a late breakfast in Europe and then dinner in Australia, all in the same day. (No time zone trickery involved.) And imagine, too, paying no more for that junket than you would for a current business class ticket. That’s the kind of itinerary, and pricing, promised by Reaction Engines, a U.K. company working on the design of a hypersonic aircraft called the A2. It’s an ambition that runs on liquid hydrogen fuel.

The A2 would be a very big plane–roughly twice as long as the new Airbus A380 jumbo jet, though with about half the wingspan. Reaction Engines reckons on its Web site that the A2 would seat 300 passengers, “thought to be the minimum to achieve a competitive seat/mile cost.”Flight time from Brussels to Sydney would be about 4.6 hours, compared with the current 22. Along the way, the aircraft would achieve sustained Mach 5 flight (around 3,900 miles per hour), or five times the speed of sound, for several hours, the company says. The engine is also intended to deliver good subsonic performance–and just “moderate takeoff noise.




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While a nice thought and an idealists dream the realities of fuel and construction cost render this concept highly unlikely. The demand for super-sonic flight is limited and while the concord project recieved moderate success it wasnt nearly enough to condone the high price tag involved, not to mention restrictions on sonic booms over inhabited lands.

Comment by Jay Perry

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